CathCheck Features

Instant Epidural Catheter Verification

The CompuWaveTM Display shows pulsatile waveform found in the epidural space

*Catheter sold separately

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Epidural Catheter Verification System

  • Check catheters in seconds, not minutes
  • Saves the anesthesia provider time, enabling them to make clinical decisions faster regarding ineffective epidural catheters and the next course of treatment
  • The anesthesia provider may flush with sterile anesthetic or sterile saline
  • Increases the anesthesia provider's daily effectiveness
  • Provides confirmation to the anesthesia provider post-catheter placement
  • Reduces the amount of time the patient is in pain, due to an ineffective catheter
  • The CompuWaveTM Display shows the pulsatile waveform found in the epidural space, again confirming needle and catheter placement
Benefit Catheter Dosing

CompuFlo Instrument
CathCheck Display

Connects directly to the patient's catheter X X
Flush with anesthetic X X
Flush with sterile saline X
Time required for patient response 15-30 minutes 10 seconds
Recognizes the presence of pulsatile waveform when the epidural space is accessed with CompuWave Display X

CathCheck Display Setup Instructions

1 step-1

Turn on the CompuFlo® instrument.

2 step-2

Take out the disposables package.

3 step-3

Unpackage the disposables.

4 step-4

Firmly insert the ID adaptor into the ID adaptor port on the right side of the instrument.

5 step-5

Connect the pre-filled saline syringe to the female Luer of the pressure sensor. Prime the pressure sensor with fluid from the syringe to remove all the air.

6 step-6

Connect the catheter connector to the male Luer of the pressure sensor.

7 step-7

Flush the catheter with saline.

8 step-8

Epidural catheter is verified within 5 seconds on the CompuWave Display.