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Milestone Scientific is committed to advancing the science of computer-controlled drug delivery systems that offer significant efficiency and patient comfort gains for the medical and dentistry fields.

The Traditional Syringe: Nearly Unchanged for 160 Years

The hypodermic syringe gets its name from the Greek words “hypo” (under) and “derma” (skin). The first hypodermic syringes were cylinders with a movable plunger inside. Despite later improvements, the basic design, mechanics and manual operation have stayed about the same for over a century.

900 A.D.

The first syringe-like device was used in 900 A.D. when Egyptian surgeon Ammar ibn Ali al-Mawsili devised a thin, hollow glass tube with suction to remove cataracts from patients’ eyes. At that time, syringes were only used to remove objects or fluid from humans, not inject them.


In 1650, Blaise Pascal invented the concept of a syringe (not necessarily hypodermic) as an application of what is now called Pascal's Law.


Credit for the invention of the hypodermic syringe for medical purposes goes to Dr. Alexander Wood in 1853. Dr. Wood performed the first subcutaneous injections for the relief of pain with a regular syringe by adding a hollow needle.

In the late 1800s, Dr. William Halstead applied the hypodermic syringe to dentistry, demonstrating that a small amount of anesthetic injected into the trunk of a sensory nerve resulted in a numbing of pain in all of that nerve's branches. This discovery ushered in a new era of local pain management for both medicine and dentistry.

Establishing a New Standard of Care

Our revolutionary DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology® System meets the needs of various subcutaneous drug delivery injections and fluid aspiration - enabling healthcare practitioners to achieve multiple unique benefits that cannot currently be accomplished with the 160-year-old manual syringe.

Innovative Features

For Medical Professionals:
  • Measuring tissue density to identify the exact needle location
  • Precise verification of catheter placement
  • Providing precise tactile control
For Patients:
  • An experience with consistently less pain.

Broad IP

We currently hold numerous U.S. and international patents surrounding our injection and drug delivery systems.

We’ve identified development opportunities for many high impact applications of our patented technology.

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