Pioneering Anesthesia Technologies

At Milestone Scientific, our goal is to provide products that redefine the worldwide standard of care in anesthesia by making the experience more comfortable for the patient and by reducing the anxiety and stress of administering injections for the healthcare provider.

Featured Products

CompuFlo® Epidural Instrument

Epidural Injections

Objectively identify the epidural space with a 99% success rate on the first attempt. A new, modern technique for objective identification and confirmation of the epidural space in real time for all your patients.

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CathCheckTM System

Epidural Catheter Verification System

Instant epidural catheter verification with CompuWaveTM Display showing the pulsatile waveform found in the epidural space. A new, modern technique for checking your catheter placement in real time.

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CompuFlo® Intra-Articular Instrument

Intra-Articular Injections

The CompuFlo Intra-Articular Instrument has been proven successful in administering medicaments into the intra-articular space using its computer-controlled pressure sensing capabilities. This eliminates the need to use a manual syringe to locate the intra-articular space and leaves less room for error while injecting the appropriate volume of medicament.

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