Botched Epidural Injections

Medical Education
February 27, 2023 9:01 am

The Arthur Aidala Power Hour 2-15-23

Guests: Dr. Abraham Scheer, Dr. Brian Golden, & Carol Alt, Model

The Arthur Aidala Power Hour interviewed Dr. Abraham Scheer on the topic of botched epidural injections and what can be done to prevent these instances.

Background: An epidural is a large needle that is put in the epidural space with a catheter and then you inject an anesthetic to block the pain, so one can have a painless delivery. The same technique for epidurals was developed over 100 years ago and is still being used today. The epidural injections have never evolved. We now have computer assisted devices, one is made by Milestone Scientific that can measure pressure in real-time and is effective 100% of the time. There are 9 million epidurals completed in the United States every year. There was a recent study that came out of Stanford University, says there is a 21% adverse effect of epidural injections.

Why don’t we increase the safety to the epidural patient. Why isn’t it not negligient to not use high tech equipment on patients?

Watch below to hear the full interview.