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Get to know or expand your knowledge of our patented computer-controlled drug delivery injection system that incorporates DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology®.  

Instructions for Use

Download CompuFlo® Epidural IFU

Investigator-Sponsored Research Programs

Investigator-Sponsored Research Programs represent an important contribution to medical research. The Program serves as a conduit between Milestone Scientific and external researchers to explore new applications of our technology. This program is open to all researchers who are interested in conducting their own research.

Submission Process:

  1. Complete Proposal Request Form
  2. Receive Confirmation from Company
  3. Submit Proposal
    1. Proposal Should Include:
      1. Project title
      2. Expected duration of study
      3. Project objectives or hypothesis
      4. Explanation of the rationale
      5. Methods of study design
      6. Statistical analysis plan
      7. Products involved in study
    2. If proposal is approved, Milestone Scientific will require additional information for full proposal evaluation and funding review. You will be contacted with a detailed list of required information.

Product Performance Literature


Milestone Scientific is actively pursuing new procedure codes for our technology.  New updates will be reported here as soon as they are available.