New Standards of Comfort, Consistency and Accuracy for Injection Procedures

We at Milestone Scientific, are recognized as a world leader in advanced, computer-controlled, drug delivery injection technologies. We have spent over a decade developing and perfecting our portfolio of technologies that can be applied to a wide array of subcutaneous injections routinely used in the practice of medicine and dentistry.

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Benefits of the Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology®

Products that utilize our Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology can be realized for all types of subcutaneous injections performed for a vast variety of medications used in the practice of medicine and dentistry today – and in the future.

  • A virtually painless experience for all injections
  • Eliminates disruptive injection behavior
  • Site-specific injection targeting
  • Controlled needle exit-pressure
  • Precise flow rate and drug volumes
  • Patient treatment documentation
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Elimination of needle deflection
  • Advanced tactile needle control
  • Precision fluid metering

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