Our Patented CompuFlo® Instrument with Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology® Systems

At Milestone Scientific, our patented CompuFlo Instrument and DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology Systems are revolutionary technologies that are relevant for the entire category of subcutaneous drug delivery injections and fluid aspiration - enabling healthcare practitioners to achieve multiple unique benefits that cannot currently be accomplished with the 160-year-old manual syringe.

Turning the Art of Manual Injections into a Science

The technical advantages of the CompuFlo Instrument with DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology Systems are numerous and dramatic. They include precise controlling and monitoring of all critical variables during drug delivery.

Our technology empowers the clinician to receive real-time continuous feedback as to the local tissue conditions during the injection process. This real-time feedback enables the accurate differentiation and identification of specific tissue types and anatomical locations, making subcutaneous drug delivery safer, easier and more effective, thereby fundamentally transforming an art into a science.

Broad IP

We currently hold more than 20 patents surrounding our injection and drug delivery system. We’ve identified development opportunities for many high impact applications of our patented technology.

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Our DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology System makes one of the most common, and dreaded, medical procedures a comfortable experience for patients. In addition, doctors and dentists are now able to avoid complications and waste that might result from manual injections.

The Wand® Anesthesia System

The Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System is the market leader in injection technology. Dentists can differentiate their practices through its use, because of the system’s potential to greatly improve patient satisfaction.

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CompuFlo Instruments

CompuFlo instruments objectively identify the epidural space with a 99% success rate on the first attempt. A new, modern technique for objective identification and confirmation of the epidural space in real time for all your patients.

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Technical Advantages

The benefits of the CompuFlo Instrument and DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology Systems can be realized for all types of subcutaneous injections performed for a vast variety of medications used in the practice of medicine today – and in the future.

  • A virtually painless experience for all injections
  • Eliminates disruptive injection behavior
  • Site specific targeting
  • Controlled needle exit-pressure
  • Precise flow rate and drug volumes
  • Patient treatment documentation
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Elimination of needle deflection
  • Advanced tactile needle control
  • Precision fluid metering

Applications in Research and Development

The DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology System empowers healthcare providers to accurately identify tissues of the body, allowing for the injection of medication at an intended, exact location. Moreover, the CompuFlo Instrument is capable of documenting injection events to provide verification and an important record for future reference by both the patient and healthcare provider.

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